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Black Leg Ranch Meats

Beef and Bison Box

Beef and Bison Box

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The Beef & Bison Box will change each month, offering you new delicious cuts to enjoy! 

This month's box is perfect for families who love steak and also want other nourishing meals throughout the week. There are many different cuts of our beef and bison products, including ground burger, steaks, and roasts! You can expect approximately 15-20 lbs of meat. There's also an exciting surprise item included. It's perfect for grilling out with friends, or enjoying a nice dinner at home! 

Black Leg Ranch Meats’ beef and bison are 100% grass-fed and grass-finished in North Dakota. 

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    • 2023

      • October 9th
      • November 6th
      • December 4th
    • 2024

      • January 8th
      • February 5th
      • March 4th